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If you are like me, you probably have something of a wee stash of art yarns, and many of mine are also smallish quantities, made as demo’s during workshops, or as experiment samples, or even just using up the last of a particular fibre that I love. Usually I keep all these for weaving with, they tend to make my favourite weavings! But of course there is always more to do with art yarns, and here is a technique that I think is wonderful for making really creative pieces using small quantities of art yarns. Or it could also be expanded out into really large art pieces using a lot more art yarns! This technique lends itself to being anything you want, you could start with a scarf and then move on to making shapes to a pattern for pieces of clothing such as sleeveless vests or lacey overskirts. You could make them big and bold in any shape and hang them on the wall, or make them intricate and delicate with finer yarns and frame them. There are so many possibilities..

I have called my tutorial ‘Yarn Float’ because in my mind this technique allows you to ‘float’ the yarn through your design in any way you like, and it also lets you float layers of yarns and materials (think sari silks, ribbons, lace etc) above each other and then lock them all into place. I hope you will enjoy this technique as much as I am! Please click the link below to download the free tutorial, and please pop in to our Facebook page and share your creations with this technique, we would love to see what you make!

Hopefully you will find the photo tutorial easy to follow, but please do feel free to contact me at if you need any help!



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