Arlene and Suzy are proud to present our Artist in Residence page, the place where you can read about our past and current virtual Artists in Residence at Fiberygoodness!

Within the Artist in Residence (AIR) program our main goal is to support fibre artists who we feel have valuable skills to share and a passion for what they are creating through their fibre art practice. We select those who we find inspirational, genuine, and who can offer the fibre community an opportunity to follow them in a project or process that they would like to spend time developing and sharing.


At the end of the AIR program we hope to have been able to support the artist to create a new body of work which may take any form, for example, it may be an exhibition, a series of tutorials, a complete course, or an in depth study document or journalling process of any aspect of fibre art and related subjects.

Allowing the fibre community to participate and share in the AIR process may help inspire them to explore their own work in a similar way or develop their own methods and project ideas. It will also give them an opportunity to learn from someone they may not ordinarily have access to and pick up new skills and techniques as a result.

Our Artist in Residence program is very generously sponsored by Majacraft, who have provided equipment for the AIR Tool Library, available for use by each Artist throughout the entire program duration, Majacraft has provided an Aura plus huge range of accessories for every kind of spinning, as well as hand combs, and Hackle for experimenting with fibre prep!

Are you interested in applying to be our next Artist in Residence?! Please contact Arlene and Suzy at and ask about it! We will get back to you with details and to discuss your application đŸ™‚